Improving sustainability in Winnipeg

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Assignment

Your assignment is to write an expository essay presenting five feasible public policy options for improving sustainability in the City of Winnipeg. In the essay, you must use the course textbook and at least five peer-reviewed scholarly articles.  Idea how to write and information sources and what type of information sources you should look for :It is acceptable to suggest policies that build on, extend or enhance existing policies or initiatives in Winnipeg but try not to suggest ones that simply duplicate what we have in place already.

You also might want to check out the sustainability web pages for cities that are known to be highly progressive when it comes to environmental and sustainability issues. Examples include Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and Copenhagen.

You also might want to check out the Cities section of the Guardian newspaper. Some of the examples I have seen in there are very interesting.

You may use more sources of information (including non peer-reviewed ones) than the course text book and the required five peer-reviewed papers. There are many credible sources of information on the web, such as many government web sites in Canada and elsewhere, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the United Nations. Regarding the UN, check out the SDG page on safe, resilient and sustainable cities ( your assignment is to present five feasible public policy options, it is fine to take a broad view of the word ‘options’. You may view options as being synonymous with measures, initiatives or even ideas.

Your paper should be word-processed, double-spaced, in 12-point type, and no more than 3,000 words (excluding references). There is no minimum word count But it is often helpful to take full advantage of the word limits available to you’I have no requirements for the number of paragraphs The structure/ organization I gave in class was just one example of a general outline for the paper

You may have numerous paragraphs within your overall outline

Citation Style citation style APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc., or any standard author-date style, like the one in the textbook, would work

A key thing is to use an author-date system for in-text citations and an alphabetical listing of references at the end (see the book for examples)

Another key is for the reference list to include complete bibliographic info so I can easily find the source if needed

See the textbook for examples for journal articles, book chapters, books, web sites, etc.)

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