Five-year plan for your career

Write a 2 page essay on Please detail the five-year plan for your career, including the jobs you would like to have, how you would leverage your education, and how you would otherwise.My background has given me adequate tools to grasp the fundamentals of international business, but I am strong believer that learning must never stop. Hence, in the first two years after completing my MBA, I fully intend to apply in a corporation where I will be exposed to the challenges of surviving in a global environment,and more importantly, learn to overcome those challenges. The goal, after all, is to thrive and not merely to survive. With my educational background and my work experiences, I see myself rising up the corporate ladder and finding myself in a position where I will be required to make judgment calls, and where I have discretion over business policies and strategies.After having “learned from the masters” so to speak, I intend to set up my own Korean trade company, marketing Korean raw materials or products to global markets. I believe that a company is only as good as its product and its people, so I intend to make sure that I have a viable product and a team of efficient, talented and committed individuals as passionate about global trade as I am, to manufacture and market those products under my leadership. A business is not merely about numbers and profits, it is also about human resource and I am intent on harnessing the best human resources available and making sure that my employees are amply rewarded, not only in the form of a competitive income package but also in terms of training and skills development.I am also committed to the concept of corporate responsibility, and I believe in setting up an international company that has a conscience and is aware of the role it plays in society. I believe in raising the bar when it comes to environmental-conscious practices, or labor practices, for instance.Lastly, as a way of giving back, my five-year-plan includes teaching young minds, and guiding those who want to embark on a similar journey. I have a

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