Food/beverages that most people love to hate

Need an argumentative essay on Explore food/beverages that most people love to hate. Needs to be 2 pages. Spam foods have over 15 different flavors and parked in different weights. It has become part of the major American meal that has been given a name mystery meat and has been popular with pop culture. In 2007, the company saw the sale of spam-canned food reaching 7 billion cans all over the world. Most of the food that is sold in North America, South America, and Australia is produced in Austin Minnesota. The success of spam foods has been tremendous that has seen them coming up with spam medium in Austin.Invented in 1930 in river forest Illinois by James Alexander Dewar, Twinkies have been favorite for many but also has had a history. The first Twinkies were made of banana, which later changed to vanilla cream during World War 2 when banana became rationed. In the year 2005 during the promotion of the movie, King Kong, the sale for Twinkie increased by 20%. Due to people’s awareness on their health, the sale of Twinkies reduced and by the year 2012, Twinkie production in the US was terminated. According to Staff and Wire reports in 2013, Apollo Global Management and Metropolis Company, which saw the reintroduction of Twinkies, purchased the company brands. Twinkies have long shelved life and have been nicknamed the cockroach of the snack food (Maria, 2013) as it is rumored to last for even more than three months

Fig Newton is a snack that was first made by Kennedy biscuit factory in the year 1891. Over all the rich history of over 100 years, the shape, taste, and size have not changed (Andrew, 2012). Kennedy biscuit then merged with other bakers to form Nabisco, which currently are the maker of newton, which is a pastry, filled with fig paste. Over the years, Nabisco has diversified into other newton brand to include raspberry, strawberry, and mixed berry. Ever since their production, the cookie has undergone changes to make it even better. They have incorporated fat free newtons and 100% whole grains that have…..

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