Food Journal assignment

For this assignment, you will follow the NutritionCalc Plus Instructions document to input the information from your Food Journal assignment in Unit 2. You will analyze your report using the information from NutritionCalc.


  • Using the Word document attached to this assignment, create your NutritionCalc profile.
    • Enter your data from the Food Journal assignment into NutritionCalc.
  • View and save your All Daily Reports in a PDF document. This document should include:
    • Recommendations. o Bar Graph Report.
    • Spreadsheet Report. o Macronutrient Distribution.
    • Calorie Assessment.
    • Nutrition Facts.
    • My Plate.
    • Food List Report.
  • Include the following information in a separate document:
    • Refer to your All Daily Report from NutritionCalc. On the MyPlate Report, you will see Intake vs. Recommendation.
    • Take a look at either the fruit or vegetable category.
  • Explain why underconsumption of this food group can be a concern for well-being.
  • Discuss how this food group functions in relation to health.
  • Identify and discuss two specific nutrients found in this food group. What health issues or symptoms can arise if these nutrients are missing from the diet?
  • Compare and contrast your intake vs. the recommendation.
  • How do you plan to increase your consumption if necessary?


  • Submit a Word document in APA format for the questions.
  • Submit a PDF document containing all of the areas listed for the NutritionCalc Report.

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