Forces and processes of glaciers

Glaciers Learning Objective, you will view the shaping forces and processes of glaciers on our planet.Go to the tif file (3) in the module. The retreating face of the glacier has been located on the map at various times since 1780. Using the scale on the map measure the rate of retreat for each segment, say 1780 to 1830, then 1830 to 1880. Calculate a yearly rate of retreat for each segment, distance divided by number of years in that segment. Now you can discuss rate of retreat; is it constant over time, is it increasing, or slowing? Where would you predict the glacier face to be today? If we assume the retreat is due to global warming, are we really the cause? Submit a short report.Determine the average annual rate of recession for the following time periods.1700 – 17801780 – 18301830 – 18801880 – 19001900 – 19201920 – 19401940 – 19601960 – 19801980 – 1985Have the average annual rates been the same? Consider possible controls.Where will the terminus of the Muir Glacier be located in 2025 if the most recent rates of recession continues?

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