Write a 12 page essay on FOUNDATIONS OF SCHOLARSHIP & RESEARCH. The information systems have given enormous facilities to human and data management factors. This piece of work also contains information systems’ services to build mega projects (Link, 2008).

The role of business professionals and IT professionals is very significant and inevitable. The professionals, in an organisation, focus on information administration, central systems and framework for smooth operations. As Walters and Tang (2006) state:“IT-enabled strategic management must address the role of IT plays in the strategy content options and priorities, strategy formulation processes and strategy implementation processes. Strategic management focuses on the identifying the direction of an organization, and designing and instituting major changes needed to gear the organization towards moving in the established directions”. (pp. 02)Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson (2009) articulate that IT provides the tools for quality of services QoS and risk management in the process of strategic management. The study aims are to explore and identify the parameters and correlations between strategic management and information technology. Some factors of the understanding reflections in the affiliation among appropriate features and configuration, and the impacts of IT on business strategies, are discussed. This paper reveals some new avenues of information concerns and designing enterprises’ needs. Furthermore, in the practice of strategic management, the socio-technical factors also described.Project analysis, according to strategy, normally is completed for the reasons that adhered with vision, outcomes, administration and control (Sadler and Craig, 2003). The increasing complexities of organisations have created welcome environment for information technology in which the strategies are geared up for developing new grounds. IT supplies the accuracy, consistency and systematic framework to……….

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