Domestic and International Terrorism

by | Apr 1, 2021 | College (1-2), Summary

Answer the question below by writing a brief analytical essay. The essay should be 750-1000 words. The essay format should be double—spaced, using a standard size font and margins (12-point Times New Roman font with standard 1-inch margins). Please see the APA handbook for guidelines on citing and formatting located on the opening page of Moodle.
The essay should have a clear thesis and main points supported by properly cited primary source evidence.

Read through the article “FISA’s Fuzzy Line Between Domestic and International Terrorism” by Nick Harper, and answer the following questions. Be sure to follow the APA rules for citations in your paper, and all the instructions as laid out in the Case Studies Assignment info sheet.

What is the central argument of this paper by Harper regarding FISA?How do Harper’s descriptions of the rules and guidelines of FISA fit with the fourth amendment to the bill of rights? Should the rights of the fourth amendment also be applied to international terrorists, considering the murky jurisdiction on the internet? What do you think of FISA’s definitions of domestic and international terrorists? Would you agree? Explain fully and BE OBJECTIVE!

What could be done to update the prosecutorial aspects of FISA, while continuing to regard international law? You may want to use the examples of case law cited in the article to make your points here.In light of recent events in the US and elsewhere, do you think Harper would still conclude that FISA needs a more limited interpretation? Do you agree with his proposals in the conclusion? Explain your point fully and back-up your argument with references and citations.

The most important thing for you to do in your paper is to present an argument as a specific answer to the question given above. Your paper must also focus on the primary source text. This means that you should read your document carefully, think about it, and form your own point of view about the topic. Once you have your argument, you will want to organize your essay as follows: an introduction, supporting or body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

In the introduction be sure to clearly state your thesis statement. The thesis statement clearly states your argument and is the central idea that organizes the rest of your essay. In the supporting or body paragraphs you will prove your thesis statement and support your argument with evidence. Be sure to start each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the main point of the paragraph. Clearly explain to the reader how the evidence you provide supports your argument.

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