Gang policies

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Assignment

1) Policies related to gangs have been mediocre at best. As a member of a policy committee, please discuss gang policies (prevention, intervention, and suppression) and the rationale for each. Your response should be at least 525 words in length.

2) Juvenile justice policies play an important role in the criminal justice system. The goal is to assist juveniles who drift in and out of potential delinquent activity and to avoid harming the juvenile. A juvenile’s first contact with the judicial system begins with some interaction with law enforcement. Please explain juvenile justice policies, make an argument for the rationale of maintaining the juvenile-justice system, and evaluate whether treatment and rehabilitation are suitable goals for juveniles.

Your response should be at least 525 words in length

Each question must be at least 525 words in length, properly cited and referenced according to APA-style guidelines

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