Gap Analysis

Write a 4 page essay on Gap Analysis.Currently, Motorola has been on a declining verge for its total assets, operating income, revenue sales, and profitability (Motorola Solutions Inc., 2014). These outcomes have been noted by analysts to be the outcome of a collective set of organizational inadequacies which have been within the ranks of the organization for several years now (Literral, 2008)As a corporation which once used to be a global leader and strong competitor in the mobile phone industry, the desired state of Motorola was for it to continue recording growth both in terms of market capitalization and market size. The rationale for this positioning is that as an advantage of globalization, the use of modern technological tools such as mobile phones in transacting basic businesses and commerce has been increasing tremendously. This has given room to several companies in the mobile phone industry which did not use to be known as major global firms to take advantage to strategically grow and expand their business horizon (Literral, 2008). Based on the business principle of brand equity therefore, it was expected that Motorola would continue to compete effectively in this industry rather than be heard in the news for most appalling reasons that it has currently been heard for.As noted by Chau (2008), performance outcomes within organizations are a process rather than an event. What this implies is that the variables and factors that lead to an organization recording a certain level of performance is not something that happens overnight. Rather, it happens as a gradual process that is achieved through the collective efforts of all human resource within the organization. In the case of Motorola, most experts have blamed the current state to performance deficiencies that have come about as a result of poor innovative reasoning by employees (Literral, 2008). As the mobile phone industry is at the center of the

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