Gender analysis

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Gender Analysis. Dee has a strained relationship with her mother as well which is the opposite of how Maggie is with her mother. Family differences cause strained relationships as well as increase the differences among the family members.In almost every family, there are those family members who are much more intelligent than the others. They therefore outshine them when it comes to education as well as among other different fields that demand intelligence. These differences in the intellectual ability of the family members leads them hiding their needs and wants in order to avoid being outsmarted by the bright one of being considered stupid in as far as innovation is concerned (Strain 186).In this family, Dee is the bright one intellectually in the family. She is brighter than her sister Maggie whose brain seems to function slightly slower than normal making her slow. He mother cannot be said to also be the brightest pea in the pod making Dee feel quite exceptional in the family.This may also be the reason for her to leave home and be as far away from them as possible. She vowed never to bring her friends in their home as it was not according to the standards of her company. Dee’s talk was also that of an intelligent person the only problem was that she used it to force decisions to her mother and sister leading her to be considered much more elegant and sophisticated.Physical differences are also a reason for families to have strained relationships with each other. The most beautiful of them all shows off her beauty in different ways. One of the ways is through the kind of clothes she wears. This makes the rest of the family members feel inferior while the culprit does not notice it and walks around all superior.

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