Your essay is to be an example of formal academic writing. This means that it has to be organized around a clearly stated thesis, which is to be found in the introductory paragraph.

Since this is a purely research-based paper, the thesis does not need to be argumentative or persuasive. The essay is only meant to inform the audience about how gender roles existed in Ancient Greek societies.

The essay’s body paragraphs should have topic sentences that are to be supported by evidence drawn from the texts (citations and your explanations thereof).

Lastly, your essay should have a conclusion.

The introduction should contain a thesis statement.
The essay’s body paragraphs must be headed by clear topic sentences.
The conclusion paragraph is a brief summary of your findings; you may restate your thesis, but do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion.
You may use more than 3 sources but a MINIMUM of 3 SCHOLARLY sources must be used.