George Herbert Mead

PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT TO WRITE PAPERFor this paper you are to consider the chapter in the textbook regarding George Herbert Mead. Begin by providing a brief description of who Mead was and what his major contributions were to Sociology (25%). Then, complete a detailed review of his original work on “Self” presented in the textbook (50 %). Only review the “Self” section. Finally, include a short conclusion; containing your thoughts and opinions of his work on the “Self” (25%).No sources other than the book are required. You should cite the textbook in APA format.  The paper should be typed and double spaced with no smaller than 12 font.  A title page including your name, date, assignment title, and course title is required.  Papers with no title page will receive a 10% deduction. Deductions may also be taken for spelling, grammar, citation errors, and formatting issues.  I am more concerned with content than with number of pages.  However, for those of you that need number of pages, these tend to be 5-7 pages in length.   Let me know via campus email if you have any questions.

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