Gibbons Creek Power Station

Introduction: In this homework we will analyze a thermodynamic model for the Gibbons Creek Power Station (studied in Homework #9, We will assume the power plant operates on a Rankine cycle with the specifications given below:Condenser pressure: 10 psiaBoiler pressure: 1400 psiaSuperheat steam: 1000 °FFuel type: Powder River Basin ligniteFuel heating value: 8000 Btu/lbm (approximate)Electric power: 454 MWWe will analyze the power plant performance assuming three variants of the Rankine cycle. For each variant, determine: a) power plant efficiency, b) coal input (tons/year).Problem #1: Assume that the Gibbons Creek Power Station operates on a basic (no re-heat) ideal Rankine cycle.Problem #2: Repeat problem #1, but assume that the turbine has second law efficiency of 85%.Problem #3: Repeat problem #2, but assume that the power plant uses one stage of reheat (the actual plant has at least one) at a pressure of 300 psia. In this case both the first and second turbine stages assumed to have second law efficiency of 85%

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