Global Music

by | Jan 18, 2021 | College (1-2), Communication

This will be your opportunity to explore a related topic more in-depth. You’ll write a 1000-word paper on a topic that directly deals with one of the week’s themes. This means that you have the flexibility to do it at any point in the semester. If you want to jump ahead to a future week to cover that topic, that is okay with me (or even encouraged).

For this assignment, you’ll need to write with APA-style citations, which includes a references section. For the references section, you’ll need to use the source from class, plus two additional sources. The two additional sources need to be either from a credible journalistic source (not some random website you found through a Google search) or a valid academic source (written by an academic in a peer reviewed journal).

This assignment should be written clearly and free of simple mistakes (spelling, etc.). It should have a conventional structure (intro, body, conclusion) and should have some internal logic that makes sense to me as an outside reader.

Note: I will provide the one source from class. You will need to provide the other two.
Theme of the week was: Global Music

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