Google in China. “The Great Firewall” Prepared by Kristina Wilson, Yaneli Ramos, and Daniel Harvey under the supervision of Professor Wayne Norman (edited by Professor Chris MacDonald) On page 21, there are 3 study questions for you to answer. You need to answer ALL 3 questions. Please make sure you type your answer (one page per answer; three pages in total). Your answer should be typed in single space, 12 point font, and 1″ margin format.

Study Questions

  1. Which factors best explain why Google was so successful in the fi rst place? Were any of these conditions for
    success put in jeopardy by the decision to launch
  2. Was Google right to have entered the Chinese market the way it did? Did Google’s mission compel it to create What specifi c aspects of the mission does Google address in making its decision to enter? What other
    reasons could there have been for entering China? How do Google’s conclusions fi t with its motto, “Don’t be
  3. Where is the success of the Chinese censorship system? In other words, what makes their censorship system
    work so well? Where does Google fi t in to this system? Has Google worked to improve the situation? What
    more could it do?

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