Gospel According to Matthew

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Assignment

Gospel According to Matthew 1. Define the term “gospel” and identify the four books in the New Testament that fit in this category.

2. Identify the structural principles that Matthew uses to organize the material in his gospel.

3. Identify the “synoptic gospels,” the meaning of the term, and their purpose in the New Testament.

4. Why might an historian might use the historical labels of BCE and CE instead of BC and AD?

5. Identify the audience for which Matthew is writing his gospel and why this is important for the reader to know.

6. Identify, with a different example for each, three teaching strategies that Jesus uses in Matthew’s Gospel.

7. What is the importance of Jeremiah 31:31-34 to our understanding of the New Covenant? Romans

8. Define the term “epistle” identify its purpose in the New Testament

9. Who was Tertius and why is he important to our understanding of the circumstances under which Paul’s Letter to the Romans was written.

10. Identify the structural principles that Paul uses to organize the material in his Letter to the Romans.

11. What was the importance of Romans 1:17 to Martin Luther?

12. Identify the three stages to Paul’s system of soteriology (i.e. redemption)? Revelation

13. Identify four defining characteristics of apocalyptic literature as they apply to Revelation.

14. Identify the blessings with which the book of Revelation opens.

15. Identify the warnings with which the book of Revelation concludes, and offer reasons why these may have been included.

16. W here was Patmos and what is its importance to our understanding of the circumstances under which the visions in Revelation were received?

17. Who was Domitian and why do we need to know about him when studying Revelation?

18. What does it mean to call Revelation an eschatological book?

19. Identify the structural principles that John uses to organize the material in Revelation?

20. Explain some of the stylistic as well as thematic reasons that Revelation is a fitting close to the Bible.

21. Comment on the Romans’ perspective on the first-century Christians.

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