Governmental classifications based upon gender

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Assignment

Each of the following scenarios involves governmental classifications based upon gender.  Choose any two of the following scenarios.  In 250-words or more, discuss whether or not the statute is constitutional.

To get full credit you will need to:  Provide an example of researched, recent case law.Scenarios:

1. A policy precluding males from enrolling in a Florida state nursing school.

2. Gender-based death benefits, alimony for women only, and state-supported all-male or all-female schools. 

3. A federal policy for an ‘all-male only,’ military draft 

4. A state statute which gives preference to veterans in the hiring of civil service positions, even though 98% of this group are men. 

5. Orange State University favors minority students in admissions by using racial preferences, using a flexible ‘plus’ factor, or goal.

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