Group behavior

What is group behavior? Some people are courteous by nature and behave in a decent way with other people. On the other hand, some people have a rude nature, which makes them behave in a discourteous way with other people. Moreover, a large number of people possess a variety of behaviors that they reveal in different situations. All types of behaviors, whether they are good or bad, play a vital role in the success/failure of a person in his/her personal and professional life. A person dealing with others in a decent manner has more vivid chances of success as compared to a person who does not deal with others in a fair manner. It will be correct if we say that good behaviors play the role of a ladder in the success of a person. If we talk about the importance of behaviors from the context of groups, we can say that demonstration of good behaviors is extremely important for the success of a group because bad behaviors lead to wasted group efforts towards completion of tasks.I will consider the case of our own group that we created for the completion of our course project. I will discuss the behaviors of all people included in the group that they showed while doing the group project.Our topic was the ‘organizational Culture of Starbucks’. My part was about shared value assumptions of Starbucks, organizational dimension, and organizational characteristics. I also had to apply relevant theories to observation and research to provide theoretical support to research findings.The names of the group members were Ryan, Rami, Karl, and Karma. We worked as a group to complete the project. Karl was the leader of the group. He showed good leadership skills while working as a team leader. Ryan was the type of person who always seemed to be anxious about everything. For example, he always wanted us to show him the logic behind each step towards project completion. He always got good ideas that really helped all of us in completing our project tasks. Karma also had good ideas to share with us.&nbsp.

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