Growth mindset

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Assignment

Answer the following questions: (100-150words)

What is a “growth mindset” (text pg. 45 & )?  How can encouraging a growth mindset contribute to agile change culture?  How can adopting a growth mindset help a student succeed in college?

As the Parker article indicates, “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail.”  Project management includes many strong planning tools.  The Parker article compares project and change management in Table I (pg. 4).  Review this table.  What elements of project management are included in change management models?  How do project and change management skills contribute to an agile organization? Do you already have project management skills you can leverage for successful change management? Explain the systematic change model.

Being able to work across cultures is an increasingly necessary skill for all employees. Communications expert Tatiana Kolovou helps you develop the cross-cultural intelligence to navigate cultural differences. Answer the following below: What is the differences between high and low context culture? Define individual culture. Define risk as it relates to culture. What is the differences between a direct and an indirect communicator?

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