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Many people have lost their lives, while others still bear the scars from gun wounds. Gun control in the US is an issue and a debate that has drawn attention worldwide. Guns are deeply rooted in American society, as is gun violence, with almost hourly reports on suicides or homicides in different parts of the country. Gun control in the US is, therefore, more of a political than a social issue, and it has impacted lives in more negative than positive ways. The US Government should control gun ownership by implementing stringent laws, measures and policies that would reduce gun violence in American society.

Every day, dozens are losing lives, and in some cases, families are breaking apart due to the loss of loved ones. According to Hudson & Weston (2021), as people continue to lose lives in gun-related violence, the debates on gun control are not ending soon, and they are increasingly becoming political. The Federal law allows adult citizens in the US to own guns or firearms for personal use. However, there should be some sense of responsibility from the gun owners, which has been lacking. In response to the recent gun violence that has hit major cities in the US, such as Atlanta and Boulder, the current administration has moved with speed to address the issue of gun ownership. The Biden-Harris administration reiterates their commitment to curbing gun violence in the US; the Congress to formulate legislations that ensure total responsibility for ownership and use of guns in the country. Such efforts would go a long way to protect lives and reduce the pain and trauma that many families go through in losing loved ones to gun-related violence.

Similarly, as a way of rooting out violence in American society, the government should consider community-based violence prevention programs. Laschever & Meyer (2021) notes that gun violence is increasingly evolving. Currently, there is an issue of ghost guns, where criminals buy parts of firearms and assemble them according to their tastes and desires. In such cases, it is extremely difficult to trace or track down guns used to commit a particular offense. In response to that, the government should not wait for Congress to pass laws but empower communities to reduce the impacts of gun violence in society. However, it is difficult for the government to take full control of gun ownership to the existing laws. Legault et al. (2019) opine that the American Constitution provides rights for every adult citizen to own a gun or firearm. In that respect, most Americans own guns legally, and it is difficult to tell whether they cannot engage in violence. Such people are against the government’s move to impose strict restrictions on gun ownership because they use guns to protect themselves and their property against illegal intrusions. Therefore, the government should impose liability on everyone, from gun manufacturers to buyers.


Gun violence claims lives, and it poses a severe threat to humanity. Ultimately, the buck stops with the US Government, so it should impose strict laws and policies on gun ownership. Besides, the government should invest in community-based violence prevention programs to reduce gun-related violence in society and recall all the guns in citizens’ hands for thorough background checks. Such measures will ensure that there is maximum control of gun ownership in the US. The government can and should do more to ensure there is a sense of accountability and responsibility from gun owners by imposing stringent rules and strengthening the Criminal Justice Departments that specifically deal with gun-related violence or crimes. Although there is a section of gun owners who conform to and abide by the existing gun control measures and policies, much needs to be done by the government to ensure proper control and mapping of guns and firearms in the country.

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