Habituation in sow bugs

Compose a 500 words essay on Habituation in sow bugs. Because they are generally harmless to humans, sow bugs could be kept in plastic containers that are sealed with a ventilated lid. Use damp soil and decaying organic materials like wood, leaves, compost, etc. Put in an adequate amount of water to keep the habitat humid. Place paper towel in the container to aid in maintaining the humidity.If molds should appear, increase the ventilation or reduce the quantity of water use to make the habitat humid and cool. Keep the container in a dimly lit area of a room which has a temperature of 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If a large number of sow bugs are to be kept in a single container it is best to change the soil from time to time to keep them in a healthy condition (Carolina Teamed with Teachers, 1-2). Caring includes feeding these terrestrials with fish food flakes, leaf litter, pieces of potatoes, apples or carrots. Aside from these foods, they also feed on their feces in order to extract extra nutrients and to regain precious copper, since copper based pigments are needed to carry oxygen in their blood (Gadsby, 4), while the bacteria present in their intestine helps in the digestion of any ingested cellulose (Woodland Dunes Nature Center, 1-2). In order to protect their environment while encased in ventilated containers, immediately remove food that becomes moldy.Sow bugs are preyed on by bigger and many insects such as spiders, centipedes, and ground beetles . These bugs could emit a foul tasting or foul smelling substance to ward off would be predators (Kentucky Critter Files, 2). Although when in danger, sow bugs either run or remain perfectly motionless pretending to be dead (armadillo style) (Carolina Teamed with Teachers, 1-2).In the Spring time and summer time, sow bugs sometimes migrate from their current habitat in large numbers, and would often settle into homes. The migration could be attributed to a combination of

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