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Early in the play, Hamlet distinguishes between what “seems” and what “is.” What is the importance of this distinction is the decisions and judgments that Hamlet makes? (TOPIC)


These topics are obviously quite general, and you should feel free to narrow and focus the topic you choose in whatever ways you find useful. You should also feel free to use the secondary material in your text as part of your discussion, but this is not in any way required. What is required, though, is that whatever your specific focus, your discussion must be supported by looking closely at specific details in the play that you are discussing (in part by quoting from the play) and showing how and why these details can be seen as offering a basis for the argument that you are making. (A “detail” can be anything that a character does or says.) The paper should be about 2100-2200 words in length, typed and double spaced. Your paper must either be a Microsoft Word document, or must be a format that Microsoft Word can read. (For example, Microsoft Word can read documents in Microsoft Write’s format [*.wps]; it cannot read documents in Adobe Acrobat’s format.

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