Hashing structures

Assignment 3B tests your knowledge of hashing structures (hash maps and hash sets). You can and should start with the examples from the textbook/presentation and adapt them to the assignment at hand and use the appropriate names and add the additional code and requirements bellow.

Design a program/project/driver class YourNameAssignment3B and the following classes (with exact1 names, replace YourName with your actual first name or the name you go by):

Class Description YourNameMap Program the complete version of the user-defined MyMap from Chapter 27. YourNameHashMap Program the complete version of the user-defined HashMap from Chapter 27. Add

an additional more user-friendly YourNameOutput method that outputs the hash map and uses the YourNameMap instead of the MyMap.

YourNameHashSet Program a complete version of the user-defined MyHashSet from Chapter 27. Add an additional more user-friendly YourNameOutput method that outputs the hash set.

YourNameAssignment3B driver class main method

Read the data from the Assignment3BData.txt attached file (containing for each line a name – representing the name of a US state/territory – and a number – representing the state/territory’s 2019 estimated population) and build instances of the user-defined YourNameHashMap from the names (states/territories) and numbers (population) and YourNameHashSet from the names (states/territories) and test/demonstrate ALL functionality/methods for both (including the additional YourNameOutput methods)

Create a Microsoft Word screenshots document called YourNameAssignment3B-Screenshot.docx (replace YourName with your actual name) that contains screenshots of the entire JAVA source code in the editor window (for all the JAVA classes) and the entire output window (from the driver class). If the entire class JAVA source code or the output does not fit in one screenshot or it is not easily readable, create multiple screenshots and add them to the document.

Submit YourNameAssignment3B.java, YourNameMap.java, YourNameHashMap.java, and YourNameHashSet.java Java source code files and YourNameAssignment3B-Screenshots.docx screenshots document on eCampus under Assignment 3B. Do not archive the files (no ZIP, no RAR, etc.) or submit other file formats. You are not going to earn any credit if the files are not named as requested.

1 Use the exact names (spelling, caps), parameters, returned values, functionality, and do not add or remove fields or methods. Yes, you may find examples in the textbook with different names and cases and with other methods, but you will need to adapt them to have this exact names and cases, to earn credit for the assignment.

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