Have you ever judged someone incorrectly?

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Have you ever judged someone incorrectly even before meeting him.action or reaction.” (Medical Dictionary) Perception serves as the innate gifted ability, which shows man the right direction by encouraging him to examine and investigate all aspects of the situation he undergoes, even without the presence of any sound proof and evidence to accept or reject the situation. I have obtained personal experiences of dealing with the people belonging to different racial, ethnic, religious and age-groups, which have improved my vision and exposure in respect of comprehending the nature of various communities existing in my society. Consequently, I am in a position now to explore the aim and objective behind the words delivered from the mouth of others.Being a practicing lawyer by profession, I come across criminals, offenders and the individuals accused of as well as involved into various offenses and law-breaking activities. Hence, my profession is supports me to penetrate into society. Last month, I received a call from a distant relation, who sought my help is a financial issue. Since I had never met that person in my life, I developed an optimistic opinion about him, and took his problem into serious consideration. Almighty Lord has blessed me with sound socioeconomic status and I belong to a respectable income-group of society. However, I work from dawn to dusk in order to earn money through fair and just means instead of get indulged into corrupt ways of earning. It is therefore I am strictly in favor of protecting my assets rather letting it go into the hands of the frauds and opportunists. So, I concentrate upon the words and tone of the relative begging financial support from my end.The person, called Jimmy, first narrated me the falling health of his wife, who was, according to Jimmy, admitted to a local hospital and was suffering from serious kidney disorder. Since the couple had two little children, the complete convalescence of their mother was extremely necessary for the apposite brought up of the children. I

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