Head of the Retail Clerks Union

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Assignment

You are the head of the Retail Clerks Union (RCU)and you just finished tough contract negotiations with FoodMart. One of the problems you are running into is that the employees of the lower cost grocery stores are not unionized, pay low rages and have much lower prices than Food Mart. Food Mart can’t afford to spend more money and the employees are making the best wages in the area. Supercheap Mart is on Main Street and has no union representation. Under what provision of the NLRA could RCU picket Supercheap Mart to become recognized as its employees representative and under what circumstances.

Wydget Company has a rule requiring employees to “be courteous, polite and friendly to their fellow employees. No one should be disrespectful or use profanity or any other language which injured the image of reputation of Wydget company.” Does this violate the NLRA? Why or why not?   Assuming that it does violate the NLRA what could Wydget do to not violate the NLRA and still prohibit disrespectful behavior?

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