Need an argumentative essay on HEALTH CARE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Needs to be 1 pages. The article helps us to understand the design and implementation of PPACA in Health sciences and medicine. As such, the article is relevant to our class since it derives more understanding on the topic of discussion.I can derive two key take away points from this article. Apparently, the absence of universal operating rules has been hindering the adoption of more efficient and electronic healthcare payments. Additionally, the enactment of the new operating rules defined in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have enabled healthcare providers to enhance efficiency, reliability, and management of healthcare payments (Krah, 2013). However, many health providers are yet to adopt electronic funds transactions subject to the challenges involved in implementing the new operating rules (Krah, 2013). Notably, everything in this article makes sense since it seeks to derive more understanding on the new operating rules that govern healthcare payments. However, the article lacks a list of sources that supports its argument.Krah, S. (2013). Preparing for the New PPACA Electronic Payments Environment: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know. Retrieved from

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