Health care organizational change plan

Health care organizational change plan Organizational change is a vital aspect of every business. It comprises the various factors which need to be taken into consideration before analysis and implementation. Change may arise partly due to the agonies prevailing in the existing situation in the sector or owing to the various advancements in technology.The purpose of the study is to develop a performance management system based on services, employees and resources. A stronger emphasis has been given to alleviation and proper treatment of contaminated water which had caused health hazards and claimed several lives.Certain standards and regulations are very essential for the functioning of an organization. In this case, the overall activity in the health care centre will be based on the standards that are framed within it. These standards are mainly implemented in hospitals or health care centers in order to enhance or improve their quality of services. The standards implemented in the healthcare sector will be entirely different from the standards employed in other industrial sectors. A patient will not be satisfied only by appropriate treatment. in addition, he/she should also be provided long-term care that would set him/her on the path to faster recovery. This kind of additional facility will surely increase the reputation of the health care centre in the concerned places. The main problem associated with the study is how to develop a set of well-organized standards that are best-suited for the hospital and fulfils its long-term objectives or organizational goals. “Quality improvement (QI) in public health needs a deliberate and defined process, such as the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. Ongoing efforts like this need to achieve measurable improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, outcomes, or performance of services or processes”.&nbsp.The general populations proposed for the study are Nursing Care, Staffing, Training, Physical facility, Management of Patient Care, Psychological Comfort, Administration, Finance, Use of family members and resources and the Role of legislators in implementing new quality standards in the hospital.&nbsp.

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