Health Care System

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Assignment

Final Individual Paper: Health Care System of a Foreign Country Content Your final assignment is a ten-page paper (that includes title page and references page; so the text of the paper is eight pages) about the healthcare system of another country.

NOTE: Your presentation and paper should be on the same subject (the country you have chosen). Similar to the presentation, this paper must cover at a minimum the following issues:

  • The nature and quality of healthcare services available in the county?
  • The financing of healthcare services?
  • The morbidity and mortality statistics and standing relative to other countries?
  • Any unique health problems in that county?
  • A comparison of the chosen country’s health care services with those of the United States?
  • Your key findings and suggestions, if any, for future directions the country could take in healthcare.?
  • Your key findings and suggestions, based on current issues for the country you have chosen. What issues might this country be facing, and what impacts will these issues have on the future of their healthcare system/s?

The paper should demonstrate an integration of knowledge gained throughout the course and an educated approach to understanding how healthcare systems work.

Final Paper Parameters? Must be about 8 double-spaced pages in length of text, not to exceed 10 pages total, and use one-inch margins? Must conform to APA style guidelines (latest edition).? Must use no more than 15-20 percent correctly cited source material. 

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