Health education day

Scenario: You have been working with a local clinic in medical billing and coding for several years. Your children are now all in high school, and you have been asked to help organize a community health education day. The physicians, nurses, lab, and pharmacy will be involved in providing screenings, but you are in charge of creating materials to be distributed. These materials will focus on wellness, maintenance of health, and common diseases.The importance of calcium for bone health has been discussed many times but many teens claim that they are lactose intolerant. Provide information about what lactose intolerance is and include ideas about how to get enough calcium and manage lactose intolerance.•Create a table listing the cranial nerves by number and name, where each arises from, and explain their main function.•Explain the organization and function of the spinal nerves.•Include 1 or more images from APRevealed to help explain the peripheral nervous system of cranial and spinal nerves.

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