New Healthcare employees

You have been asked to create a handout to educate new healthcare employees as to the current and future challenges of healthcare economics within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Use Vision 2030 as a guide.

Be sure to include the following economic components:

Access, Quality, and Costs.

Your handout should meet the following structural requirements, and must:

Be two pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page (four pages total).

Include headings titled: Introduction Economic Components Access Quality Costs Conclusion Include an informational paragraph under each heading and a citation to the resource utilized.

Be formatted according to APA Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles. 


Al Fraihi, K. J., Famco, D., & Latif, S. A. (2016). Evaluation of outpatient service quality in Eastern Saudi Arabia: Patient’s expectations and perceptions. Saudi medical journal, 37(4), 420 – 428.Al-Hanawi, M. K., Alsharqi, O., Almazrou, S., & Vaidya, K. (2018). Healthcare Finance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a qualitative study of householders’ attitudes. Applied health economics and health policy, 16(1), 55-64.Alkhamis, A. A. (2017). Critical analysis and review of the literature on healthcare privatization and its association with access to medical care in Saudi Arabia. Journal of infection and public health, 10(3), 258-268.Alomary, S. A., Saeedi, M. Y., Alotaibi, T. M., Al Shehri, F. S., Bashir, A. O., Ali, A. Z., & El-Metwally, A. A. (2016). Knowledge and training needs of primary healthcare physicians regarding obesity management in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Journal of Obesity, 4(1), 20 – 24.Alomi, Y. A., Alghamdi, S. J., & Alattyh, R. A. (2015). Strategic Plan of General Administration of Pharmaceutical Care at Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia 2012–2022. J Pharm Pharm Scien, 1(3), 1-8.Alshuwaikhat, H. M., & Mohammed, I. (2017). Sustainability Matters in National Development Visions—Evidence from Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030. Sustainability, 9(3), 1 – 15.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vision 2030. (2016). Saudi vision 2030. Retrieved from: of Health. (2017). About MOH budget. Retrieved from:, A., & Noor, T. (2018). A Conceptual Framework for an Extension Access Control Models in Saudi Arabia Healthcare Systems. International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations (IJKBO), 8(2), 42-52. Shuaib, S. M. S. (2016). Project management performance in Saudi Arabia: an exploratory study into the constructs that most influence project success (Doctoral dissertation).

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