Get the answer for Historical Movie Review Essay. From the approved list of historical films that is here attached, you will choose one film to view and analyze for its historical content and accuracy. This Historical Movie Review is worth 65 points and must be a minimum of 1200 words, using a minimum of 4 SCHOLARLY SOURCES – 1 source must be a primary document. DO NOT use, Wikipedia, or Mrs. Harvey’s 8th-grade class project!! Get my point??

These need to be accepted scholarly sources. Each source must be quoted in the body of the paper at least once to provide support for your analysis. You must properly cite all quoted materials according to a Writing Style Guide of your choice. A full and properly formatted Works Cited/Bibliography of the same Writing Style Guidelines must be included. The minimum word count for this paper applies to CONTENT only and does NOT include the bibliographic information.

The following elements must be addressed in this paper: Identification of the film: title, director, producer, Film Company, year of premiere, and episode in history the film portrays. A BRIEF synopsis of the plot of the film, comparing the storyline in the film to the history established through your research. A detailed evaluation of HOW the film treated the history it portrayed, both what it did well and what it did poorly. Refer to your sources and quote them to provide support for your observations and analysis. Sources can include your textbooks, movie reviews, journal articles, etc. NO WIKIPEDIA, or or other sources that are not academically peer-reviewed.

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