History 1302

Essay Instructions

  1. Choose one of the following themes: immigration, Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, women, politics, economy, or foreign relations. Once you have your theme, you will choose three newspaper articles that talk about that theme. The newspapers have to be from different years. In addition, you will go to YouTube and find the Prager University video on your subject.
  2. You are going to write a paper that traces the history of that theme from 1870 through the present.
  3. You will begin your paper by introducing your theme, then go back and say how the theme has change over time. In this section tell me how society has been affected, and how has society reacted. I also want you to emphasize the social and personal responsibility that you and society have on that theme.
  4. You need to use HISTORICAL FACTS to prove your argument. The purpose of the essay is for you to show me your understanding on how the United States evolved to the country we live in today and how the theme has changed over time. As I mentioned in class, you will not tell me every single example related to the theme you chose. Instead, you will be choosing the events you think are the most important ones.
  5. Finally, you will compare and contrast the newspaper articles and the Prager University Video, and tell me how media affects (either positive or negative) the way we see evets.
  6. The essay should be SIX PAGES LONG, typed double space, 12-size font. The final exam is due on June 26th at 5:00 p.m. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED, AND NO ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA E-MAIL OR BLACKBOARD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

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