Historical significance of a term

by | Jan 19, 2021 | College (3-4), History

From the list of terms below, I will select ten for this section of the exam. You will choose five to write a paragraph about. Your answer will need to be a minimum of three to four sentences long, but no longer than five. An answer that earns 4 points will identify the term and will address why it is historically significant. In the identification portion of each answer, you should include significant details such as who, what, when (a plus!), and where. When addressing the historic significance of the term, you should explain the direct consequence and any long-term effect – this part will carry the most weight in points. For example, an answer that indicates “The Progressive Era is when the society was progressive” will not earn any points. I will be looking for the correct participants, the reasons for its construction and the long-term effect.

Social GospelU-boatScopes Trial
Upton SinclairTrench warfareTeapot Dome
ProgressivismZimmerman TelegramDust Bowl
TaylorismLeague of NationsFirst New Deal
Federal Reserve Act (1913)Jazz AgeWagner Act
LusitaniaNativismSocial Security Act

In this section, I will ask one question about each of the three topics below. You will need to provide a detailed short answer (two to three paragraphs) addressing all of those questions for 10 pts each. In these answers, I will be looking for details and a well-formulated answer.
• Election of 1912

• Consumer culture of the 1920s

• The three pronged approach of the FDR administration to address the Great Depression

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