History Questions

by | Mar 18, 2021 | College (3-4), History

Question 1
In the nineteenth century, America was dominated by industrialists and men of resources like Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and John D. Rockefeller. How did these figures shape the evolution of the American corporation and the pursuit of accounting? How would you characterize the role of these captains of industry in the nascent labor movement in American society?

Question 2
Describe the economic series of events that led to the Great Depression. Is such a catastrophic collapse of our nation’s economy possible today? Why or why not? How did the first hundred days of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency aid in the nation’s recovery from its economic woes?

Question 3
a) How did America’s efforts in the First and Second World War theaters of conflict impact the nation’s economic stability? By the middle of the twentieth century, how had the international community’s perception of America as an economic power changed?

b) Is the twentieth-century popularization of the computer as economically significant to the history of our country as earlier inventions and developments? Discuss some of the ways in which the computer has revolutionized our everyday life and our economy in the past two decades.

c) An Empire of Wealth concludes it analysis of the nation’s economy on September 11, 2001. What are some of the economic developments that have taken place since the terrorist attack on our country? Based on what you’ve read of America’s history, do you think it’s safe to make any assumptions about our country’s economic management after this ongoing conflict?

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