Hooke’s Law elasticity

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Assignment

1)When a balloon rises in the atmosphere it expands as it goes up. What factors determine by what factor it expands and when it will break apart? Assume the balloon is sealed and does not lose gas during its flight. Select all that apply.A-The choice of gas (say hydrogen or helium) for filling the balloon.B-The temperature profile of Earth’s atmosphere.C-Decrease of Earth’s atmospheric pressure with altitudeD-Hooke’s Law elasticity of the material of the balloon2)The average energy of an atom or molecule in a gas is 3/2 kT where k is the Boltzmann Constant, and T is the temperature in kelvins. If you were to look at all the atoms in a snapshot of the gas and sort them out by energy, what is the most probable energy you would find for an atom?A-1/2 kTB-3/2 kTC-2 kT D-8 k T / ?3)Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen have 6, 7 and 8 protons in their nucleus. How many neutrons are in their nucleus as well, for the normal stable isotopes of these elements.A- 6, 7, and 8B- 7, 8, and 9C- 12, 14, and 16D- none4)In a gas that is a mixture of water (two H and one O) and carbon dioxide (one C and two O), if the water has average velocity of 559 m/s, what is the average velocity of the carbon dioxide molecule?x

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