How do social workers treat patients who are in the country illegally?

Analyze the article provided via the following

a) Describe the purpose of the study
b) Identify the independent and dependent variables
c) Describe how the variables were measured
d) Describe the research design
e) Describe the sampling method used
f) Describe the sample, i.e., eligibility requirements and number of participants
g) Identify the ethnicity of the participants
h) Describe the findings of the article that are relevant to your research question.
i) What is your level of confidence that level that the dependent variable can be attributed to the independent variable? Why?
j) Assess potential generalizability of findings. How does ethnicity affect generalizability? How confident are you that the sample is representative of the population? Why?

What conclusions can you draw from the body of research, as a whole? Did the literature provide sufficient information to answer your research question? What is your level of confidence in the findings of the studies you reviewed? Consider the rigor of the studies in terms of measurement, sampling method and research design. Summarize and discuss each of the three components of research in terms of strengths and weaknesses of the body of work.

ARTICLE: Welfare reform and elderly immigrants’ health insurance coverage: the roles of federal and state medicaid eligibility rules by Yunju Nam

The research question is “how do social workers in hospitals work with policies and practices regarding treating patients who are in the country illegally? ” in case it is needed.

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