How Does Advertising Make Use of Linguistics?

How Does Advertising Make Use of Linguistics. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Advertising has now evolved into a huge industry comprising a variety of media like print, visuals and sound and is present in practically every area of publishing in the world today. Advertisements are seen in a variety of environments like newspapers, magazines, trade journals, television, movie halls, and the internet. Moreover, it has now grown to the stature of science with courses that specialize in how to create proper advertising text, visuals and campaigns. The text or linguistics referred to as copy plays an important aspect in the success or failure of an advertisement. It is a fact that some advertisements rely solely on visuals and sound to get a message across, but the text still plays an important part in effective advertisements the world over. This paper looks at how the advertising industry makes use of linguistics ineffective (or ineffective) communication. It can be seen that advertisers have to take into consideration a variety of factors like perception, culture, language, religious beliefs and other personal convictions and value systems when targeting a specific audience.Keiko (1999)1 in his seminal book on the advertising language analyses the language of written advertising in Britain and Japan. the author elaborately deals with the nature of communication and shows how communication takes place between the advertiser and the audience. The power of language to ‘persuade, convince and manipulate others’ has long been established (Tanaka xi). The author considers the Relevance theory as the best basis for understanding the language of advertisements. For Tanaka, metaphors and the extended use of words add to the force of language in advertising: “metaphors in advertising, and the extended use of words in the projection of the image of women in advertisements” contribute to the analysis of the force of language in advertising (Tanaka xii).&nbsp.

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