How Does the Mass Media Affect our Perception

How Does the Mass Media Affect our Perception of the News. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Because of the intrusions of digital news media, traditional news media such as Newspapers magazines, monthlies, and weeklies are facing stiff competition at the moment. With the help of digital news media such as the internet and television, it is possible for people all over the world to get news and information as soon as it occurs. On the other hand-printed media is incapable of providing instant news because of the time required for the printing of news. At the same time, the number of television channels, as well as internet news channels, is increasing day by day. As a result of that, competition in the media industry, especially in the digital media industry is intensifying as time goes on.Because of the unhealthy competition in the media industry, people are getting contrasting information about a particular incident. In the case of news related to politics, economics, and culture, news media have their own agenda and preferences. Some news media may favor a particular political party whereas other news media have different political ideologies. As a result of that, people may get different information from different television or internet channels about a particular incident that was taken place in some parts of the world. Moreover, mass media have the ability to affect the perceptions of the public about different events. Therefore, it is necessary for people to seek information from reliable media rather than going after popular media or baized media. This paper analyses two questions. 1) Does it matter where we get our news and 2) how does the mass media affect our perception of the news?Americans get news from a variety of sources such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, computers, cell phones, tablets, e-readers, and devices such as an Xbox or Playstation. However, the most popular news source among Americans is a television (87 percent), laptops/computers (69 percent), radio (65 percent), and print newspapers or magazines (61 percent) (American press institute).

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