How ISIS females are perceived by young muslims

Write a 8 page essay on How females who join ISIS are perceived by young muslims(males/females) aged 18-30 in London.Furthermore, the transformation of research question into a project develops as one of the main ideas of the research question (Lohlker, 2013, p.12). The research questions focuses on the perceptions of young Muslims joining Islamic states. Moreover, it develops different ideas and concepts that the Muslims have before allowing and incorporating females into their countries to become part of the jihad family.The research question assists in developing various ideas such as culture, ethnography and history of the Muslim community. Additionally, observation of young females who join the Muslim community and their role within the community discusses within the research questions.According to BBC news, social media attracts women who wish to join Islamic states, since young Muslims offer them with support, helpline, and source of propaganda for Islamic states (Bloom, 2012, p.9). Additionally, young Muslims in the Islamic states view and present this as idealized notions of jihad and love in the Islamic lifestyle (Brown, 2012, p. 2).Moreover, majority of women join Islamic states to join their husbands who are fighting for Islamic states in various countries. Edmunds (2015) suggests that Jihadi brides act as important facilitators in the journey to join their colleagues for different reasons of marriage. Muslims in London perceive these females as online facilitators who coordinate and travel with expat communities since international travel is affordable, accessible, and made easier through planning.Additionally, young Muslims perceive females who join Islamic states as people who were called by Syria men asking their daughters hand in marriage on accounts that male fighters are bombarded by women requests wanting to be their wives. In addition, women are perceived as “baby factories” for the need to populate the purist Islamic states, coursing them to join the male Islamic fighters in London

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