How It Feels To Be a College Student

Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Description & Identity: How It Feels To Be a College Student.communities as evident in Brent Staples’ work relaying his difficult while he was trying to cope with the notion of being an African American male student. College stage is a demanding phase of one’s life because a person ought to devote much his or her time to embrace availed opportunities meant to advance own life as well as excel academically. Hence, prompting many to develop insomnia for they stay up late reading and trying hard to meet assignments deadlines. Being in college is both an exciting and challenging phase of one life, which this study seeks to relay and discuss.It implies embracing all the availed opportunities meant to change one’s life to what he or she wishes to be after concluding his or her schooling period. This is in terms of working hard, which will enable a person, attain the necessary experiences meant to assure him or her success in life. Hence, it is the reason many during the day and at their convenient time prefer going to the library where they will have quiet and lonely place meant to study adequately as well as accomplishing their assignments. This is because based on observations so far made. reading is an essential and inevitable aspect in university life especially if one intends to have good grades.The most common challenges currently experienced in college include insomnia. This is because most of the people stay up late not only reading but also accomplishing their assignments, which they have not had adequate time during the day. Hence, meet both strict and urgent deadlines that normally characterize academic life. In addition, opportunities relayed in educational setting especially in college include enhancing or developing experiences that will in turn impacts one’s life positively based on what an individual wishes to attain.KU provides one with a chance of interacting or socializing with varied and numerous professionals in different fields. Since, one at least takes approximately four years while studying

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