How to choose a college major

Process analysis on how to choose a college major This is a process analysis essay on how to choose a college major. For many who are on their last year of high school, college can be a daunting idea. There are so many things to consider like tuition fee, location and, most importantly, what major to take. It is necessary to know the proper steps in choosing a college major primarily so as not to waste time studying a major that is useless in one’s future career. The first thing a high school student should do is to decide on his strengths and weaknesses. (Stewart, E., n.d.) Does he excel in the arts, science or literature? Is he more comfortable talking to people or being by himself? Does the idea of working in an office appeal to him more than working outdoors? Does he mind working with numbers? Can he stand working at a high altitude or having someone barking orders at him most of the time? Answering these questions will lead the individual to a specific job he would probably enjoy doing. This is very significant. Individuals who only follow their friends to college or comply with their parents’ choice end up studying half-heartedly. After this evaluation, the individual should then compare occupations where he can apply his strengths. This may seem trivial but is also another important step because the individual will be tied to whatever job he chooses to apply for. There are positions that can explore the individual’s strengths but may also inadvertently tap into the person’s weakness. A good example is someone who loves being with people but cannot handle stress well. With the interpersonal skills, this person would make a good salesperson. However, if the salesperson position comes with quotas and deadlines this person would not be fit for the job because of the stress. The next step is to find a major that serves as a prerequisite for the individual’s choice of job. There are several majors in college which can lead to a certain job post. For example, someone who wants to be a doctor may start with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry or the like. An individual who wants to be in business can study Economics, Business Administration or Finance. An individual with the appropriate college degree can confidently apply for a job since some jobs advertise only for graduates of a specific major and do not entertain applicants with other degrees regardless of previous experience in a similar position. Moreover, learning principles which are associated with a certain profession will serve to make the individual a more effective worker. Due to the insight the person acquires in college, he is able to have the necessary skills for the tasks assigned to him. Lastly, an individual needs to do research on universities that offer the course he intends to take up. During this step, the individual should also do a comparison of several factors such as the schools’ cost, location, facilities, size, quality of education, campus security, extra-curricular activities, etc. These are essential. The individual can lose motivation to study in a certain college if, outside of his classes, his experiences are unpleasant. College life can be a rewarding period of an individual’s life if controllable factors were planned well. Choosing a college major may prove to be hard for some individuals. Proper planning, however, can make the decision much easier. If an individual only takes time to evaluate his personal skills, interests, universities of choice and future career goals, deciding on an undergraduate degree will be a piece of cake. References:Stewart, E. (n.d.) Strategy Tips for for Deciding on a College Major. Retrieved from http://www.collegeview.

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