How to develop positive emotional health

For this week’s assignment you will write an essay to evaluate how to develop positive emotional health to help you deal with stressful situations in the work environment. You will need to research at least 3 academic sources online, websites that end in .org, .edu or, at times, .com if you feel that the information is relevant and accurate, and utilize your textbook for support, as well.

Please cite the sources for all information you include within your essay and include a reference page at the conclusion of your essay. Make sure to number the pages in your essay and include a cover page with your name, date, course, and title of your paper. Use size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced
In your first paragraph, beginning with a quote related to children, happiness, joy, etc, explain your selected quote and describe how it relates to stress reduction (cite the author). Explain the importance of developing coping skill, how teachers can teach children to cope and include some ways that children can be taught to be resilient and strong for their futures (20 pts.)

In your second paragraph explain why it is important to recognize the feeling of stress and frustration when you work with young children and their families. List some strategies that adults could use to cope with stress (cite the source). Try all strategies on your own and identify one that is most effective for you and that you experimented with this week, when you felt frustrated. Describe the one most useful strategy and include how you felt before and after you used the technique. Include a description of a time that you can use this technique to deal with workplace stress in the classroom. Begin your first paragraph with a quote related to children, happiness, joy, etc. and cite the author. (20 pts.)

In the next paragraph describe a fictional or real classroom situation where a child exhibit signs of stress. Include a description of some information about the child, whether or not he or she has an IFSP (and what it contains) and a technique for calming the child down to reduce the stress he or she feels (cite the technique). (20 pts.)
In a concluding paragraph, discuss a recent event (2015-) that involved adults and children in a daycare environment and resulted in a negative outcome. Make sure to state the date of the event and where it occurred. Evaluate the relationship between stressful work and life circumstances, the societal issue and/or mental illness and the resulting incident. Explain if or how this event could have been averted with better training, more support or identification of the signs that may have indicated something negative may happen. (20 pts.)

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