How to write code

How to write code to implement them on a new operating system.

Signature Assignment (SA) is a programming project entitled “Implement a virtual machine-based operating system with SaaS service extension”

Background in real world: Operating system is an interface between users and hardware, a virtual machine-based operating system extends traditional operating system boundaries into SaaS service. New challenge in real world: Such a new architecture for Operating systems which combines both distributed systems and monolithic systems together to address emerging requirements from pervasive computing and other modern technologies such as Al . CSC502 Signature Assignment achieves following CLOs: Students have to identify key features of different components in an Operating system. This step is in the scope of CSC502 CLO

Master important operating system concepts such as memory, process, filesystemand |/O device management”. Students have to implement key components such as drivers, file systems in both operating systems and distributed systems. This step is in the scope of CSC502 CLO

Able to design and implement important algorithms in operating systems as well as individual 05 components in real environment.

Students have to design own algorithms and write code to implement them on a new operating system.

This step is in the scope of CSC502 CLO Understand the algorithms and techniques used in modern

Operating System such as multi-threading, synchronization, scheduling, virtual memory

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