HPES 681 Skill Acquisition and Development

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Masters, Research Paper

I have said for weeks that the ultimate result for this class is to produce a paper related to skill acquisition and development and the mid-term will help you decide what that is. I realize that I am way behind on grading for your class (as compared to other classes) but I plan to get somewhat caught up with you this week. You can also use this week to not really do any more new article – get caught up on your current assignment for the article reviews and the chart review and then work on this mid-term.

The mid-term consists of this: identify one or two topics that have piqued your interest so far in class as it relates to skill acquisition, skill development, talent development, sport-skill development, etc… and begin to focus on what you want to say about the topic. Your final paper will be a minimum of 12-15 pages, plus references so try not to be very specific. You can combine the terms/ideas/theories provided in class already. For your mid-term you are to do one of two things:

Option A – identify two research questions from two separate topics you may try to answer with your paper, include 3-4 references for each research question. These references can be from the ones I gave your or as part of your search on the topic.

Option B – identify one specific topic you want to answer with your paper and include 6-8 references.

To complete the assignment, complete a general outline of how the paper will be organized (if you choose option A, you may have to do this twice – sounds like more work for you but could help focus your mind down the road).

The contents of the outline are as follows:

Provide a research question you want to study: the differences in training programs for male and female basketball players.  The pros and cons of individual training sessions opposed to team practices in basketball. 

Provide a main topic for 3-5 separate paragraphs that will be in your main body:

Provide a possible conclusion to your research:

Include the following template in your response –

  • Name:
  • Current/Intended Occupation:
  • General Research Topic:
  • Research Question:
  • Main topic 1:
  • Main topic 2:
  • Main topic 3:
  • Main topic 4:
  • Main topic 5:
  • Possible Conclusion Statement:

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