1. What is an HRIS? Identify how it can help HR make decisions. Give a specific example of an HRIS on the market and what it offers.
  1. Identify and describe four major Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws and the groups of people that each law protects.
  • Discuss the concept of sexual harassment. Identify the two types of sexual harassment and the steps companies can take to reduce organizational risk from sexual harassment lawsuits. Explain the impact the #MeToo movement has had on the workplace.
  • Explain the differences between disparate treatment, adverse impact, and pattern of practice discrimination. Identify and explain which, if any, organizational defenses can be used in each type of discrimination.
  • Fill in the following table following these instructions:
    • Step 1: Calculate the Selection Rate for Each Group
    • Step 2: Apply the 4/5th rule to the group with the highest selection rate.
    • Step 3: Compare the selection rate for the other group(s) to determine whether adverse impact has occurred

Did adverse impact occur? Explain.