HR Cases

Write 3 page essay on the topic HR Cases. As a director, I should not ignore Fred’s frustration as it could pass on to others or have a more detrimental effect on Fred’s performance and/or performance of the team. In order to address Fred’s discontent and attitude, I would first evaluate his performance and provide a feedback about his behavior. I would acknowledge his contribution and appreciate his efforts. Along with Joan, I will chalk out a plan that would include additional responsibilities for Fred which will also help in preparing him for the next level of promotion. This will keep him motivated and focused towards the task. I will chalk out a plan for his future and set expectations along with a performance monitoring process.It is very difficult to retain an employee who has decided to move on. Retention of employees should be an ongoing process by constantly keeping them motivated and having an understanding of their needs and expectations. In the present situation, in order to retain Ezra, I would offer him with additional responsibilities in the managerial cadre which will keep him motivated. I would make a commitment that Ezra’s profile for the next opening in managerial position would definitely be considered.

Although the educational aid programs have been very helpful in enhancing the process performance, I feel this program should be provided to employees in recognition of their valuable contribution to the organization for specific period of time. Moreover, a commitment from employees receiving such benefit should be taken which will ensure that the company is recovering its investment. This commitment can be in the form of a contractual agreement or bound by money and/or other benefits provided to the employee………

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