HRM Case Study

by | May 21, 2021 | Human Resource Management

Employee Relations:

  1. What should be done regarding the employee who was terminated without a discipline procedure?
  2. Discuss unfair labor practices. Are there incidences of unfair labor practices at PAC? If so, how should they be addressed?
  3. How can PAC discourage unionization of employees without incurring issues of unfair labor practices?
  4. How should employee involvement teams be managed? Would you recommend they be disbanded? Why or why not?
  5. Activity: Write a supervisor’s guide to avoiding unions. Your guide should identify what supervisors need to know and how they should respond to employees to avoid allegations of unfair labor practices and still remain union-free.

Compensation & Benefits:

  1. Discuss broadbanding. Is this a viable program for PAC, or should it be terminated?
  2. Discuss the bonus system at PAC. How could it be improved, or should it be terminated?
  3. What makes a reward system motivating?
  4. Discuss what happens when a bonus system is discontinued. What does the research say?
  5. How should PAC address the issue of the FMLA employee who was mistakenly terminated?
  6. Activity: Create a plan to merge PAC Resources’ vacation and sick leave systems into one combined paid time off (PTO) plan. Include plans for implementation and a timeline and discuss how you would address opposition

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