Human identity, the nature of God/Ultimate Reality, valid arguments, and ethics

In this project, you will choose two of the four main topics discussed in class – (human identity, the nature of God/Ultimate Reality, valid arguments, and ethics) – and compare them to each other. You only need to discuss one theory in each of the two topics you choose (total of 2 theories, 2 topics). For the two topics you choose, answer the following questions in a video presentation:

(i) which topic do you think is the foundation of the other?

(For example: do we need a theory of ultimate reality to make valid arguments, or do we need valid arguments to make a theory of ultimates? Does hylomorphism teach us the importance of ritual for our embodied souls, or does ritual show us that hylomorphism is the best theory of mind? gg. Choose two topics and make your own comparisons!)

(ii) How do the theories in one topic strengthen the theories in the other?

(For example: The theory of Dao shows that the ethics of the Bhagavad Gita are realistic, because the nature of reality is spontaneous (m, so we do not need to be attached to outcomes, and the Bhagavad Gita helps us to have ideas how to follow Dao without having to separate from our communities and societies. Choose two topics and make your own comparisons!)
You can work in groups or by yourself, and be as creative as you like: you can write a short play, create a comic on PowerPoint, make a work of art or a song, or just speak into the camera!

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