Human Resource Management – Strategic Plan

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Analysis, College (3-4), Human Resource Management

Develop a strategic plan to ensure your current or former organization (or company with which you are familiar) is appropriately staffed over the next three years for a critical organizational function (e.g. Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales). The selected company should have 300 or more employees, and facing a major workforce trend such as:

  • Continuing high cost of healthcare in US
  • Increased global competition for jobs, markets, and talents
  • Growing complexity of legal compliance for employers
  • Large number of Baby Boomers leaving the workforce at around the same time
  • Economic growth of emerging markets
  • Impact of technology growth
  • Greater need for cross-cultural understanding in business settings.

In preparing the strategic staffing plan, you must support your analyses with evidence including specific examples, company or research data, and 5 or more academic sources with a minimum of 3 scholarly journal articles.

Strategic Issue Analysis Paper Content

Situation Description: In 1 page or less, briefly describe the organization including product or services offered, location(s) and number of employees. Identify a significant function (such as engineering, manufacturing, marketing, or sales) and discuss why preparing a strategic staffing plan is critical for organizational success, specifically in addressing the major workforce trend.

Organizational Function Overview: Provide an overview of the organizational function including number of employees in what job levels (such as entry-level, fully qualified, and expert), as well as specializations within the function. Consider if a workforce trend such as technology will significantly modify the requirements of the function. Support your analysis with evidence.

Workforce Trend and Current Staffing Analysis: Discuss the workforce trend and its specific impact on the sourcing, recruiting, selection and retention of your selected organizational function. Support your analysis with evidence and research findings.

Future Staffing Needs: Using a forecasting model, determine current availabilities and future needs over a three year period for the selected organizational function. Forecast future needs as either the number of employees or percentage of growth. Justify your forecast results with data.

Gap Analysis: Perform a gap analysis to identify the shortages and surpluses between current staffing and future needs over a three-year period. Support your analysis with data, evidence and/or research.

Action Plan: Develop action plans to close the projected gaps over the assigned three-year timeline. The action plan must include recruiting, selection, and retention strategies. Support your analysis with evidence.

Conclusion: Discuss the goals you intend to achieve with your strategic staffing plan for the identified critical organizational function. Explain how it will successfully address the workforce trend you selected. Defend the strategic value of your plan to the organization.

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