Human Rights Issues of a Minority or Victimized Population Group. These days “Human Rights” covers a vast number of issues. With the end of the Cold War and the demise of Communism, human rights consideration has become one of the major forces in the international diplomacy. On our march towards a “One World,” most individuals, groups and nations are trying to find a way to create a tolerant, pluralistic, secular, color-blind society. 

First, find the area in a map where the people reside, then study newspapers, rights documents, websites and blogs related to that issue, from which will emerge a thought-provoking result. List all the information on the Internet [webs and blogs] you have collected with a one-line explanation for each of the most important webs or blogs. Please rank them in order of importance, as per your assessment. You must be careful in choosing your webs and blogs. 

These issues cover nations, regions, locality, and groups of peoples identifiable in terms of language, religion, caste, clan, and history. It may also cover issues covering race, gender, age, national origin, discrimination, sexism as well as issues emanating from the constitutions of our nation-states [that treat its own population differently.

Your report should include background information of the subject matter, historical analysis [if applicable], then what are the issues involved in your study and related information.

The paper should be at least 5-page long, printed, double-spaced, using 12 font size. Papers must have footnotes and a bibliography.